Hello Reader,

Welcome to my BLOG! (sorry I am excited)

I feel like this has been a long time in the making, but if I started this two years ago I think this would have been the most negative blog you may have ever read.  Something about now feels right.

So who am I and why should you read this?

Well I am Michele, I am a Wife and Step Mum from Norfolk, UK. I have two Step Children E who is 13 and K who is 11. This blog is my journey about becoming a step parent which then developed into me becoming a full time parent of one step child over night.  This blog will be my point of view, the things I have discovered about myself, the drama I have been through, the good, the bad and the ugly.

When I met my husband the most time I had ever spent with E and K was about two weeks and my husband was always around, so when four years ago we got a call saying that E was coming to live with us full time the next day it was a shock for all of us including my husband. He had to become a full time parent to E again after being a part time dad for 7 years.  Myself, well I had only just got use to being a full time mum to our dog Buddy and was adjusting to life as a wife, so I was not prepared what so ever.

My friends who have given birth have told me that pregnancy prepares you for actually having a child like your body clock tells you to wake up when they wake up, you are tuned into what they need.  So when he was screaming in the night from night terrors I was not ‘body clocked’ to prepare with that, or when he was angry at me for just asking what he wanted for dinner, or the school run…. why does no one prepare you for that!!

So life changed, I wanted to do this blog as we have been on such a journey and I know that somewhere in my journey I have learnt something that can help someone else on a similar path. I am also a certified life coach so know some tips to help with the mental health side of things. I have had many a break down over the past 4 years and now I am in such a good place mentally that I feel it is only fair I share my methods with you.

My journey is only just beginning so you are now part of this crazy life with me.

I hope we can enjoy the laughter, tears, joy and happiness together.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x 


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