My New Morning Routine

Morning, or afternoon depends when you are reading this!

I was sitting here planning on things that I would like to discuss with my readers, things that you could benefit from and I thought today I will tell you a little bit about my new morning routine and the benefits I have got from it so far.

Now I will start from the beginning of why I decided to do this new routine. I have been one stressed out emotional wreck of a human recently. Crippled with Anxiety, Depression and loss for the person I use to be before becoming this “MUM” person.

Prior to E moving in with us I had my own little business that was starting to thrive as a beauty therapist and makeup artist, I was using our spare room as my therapy room and all was good I was earning why enjoying having something I built up that was all mine. When E moved in we obviously had to give him a bedroom so I moved my beauty room into our room with a screen divider to separate business from my relaxing place. All was going OK through the day when E was in school however after school appointments was a different matter!

Now school finishes at 3.30pm here so he would get home at 3.40pm as it was 10 minutes walk, My husband was home at 5.10pm during the week. So that is not a lot of time for stuff to go wrong right? WRONG!!

E has a issue with females, he also does not trust step parents, plus he has always been taught that not liking me is a good thing. So E being angry that he had to come live with us, why being angry at the world meant he would direct all these feelings on to me he still does when stuff gets bad. The reason being that I am the person who is always here, the one he spends all his time with so like the saying goes ” we always take it out on those closest to us”. Lucky me!

So when my afternoon clients are about to turn up E the angry boy would arrive, resulting in him getting angry throwing things, making me terrified (yes I was terrified of a 9 year old) and crying to the point I could not breathe. At this point I would have to call my husband who is the only person who can ever calm him down and call my client usually in tears and explain that I could not see them. This became a regular thing so business had to stop, which meant I was now not earning and we now had a extra mouth to feed with E living with us.

This was where I became lost, and desperate I wanted so badly to make money so that I could help my husband with the bills, so I went into network marketing.Ā  I found a company that I started to earn from but with my need to have regular money meant I started to chase any opportunity that I thought I could make money from.

It was network marketing that introduced me to self development a world I had never heard about before. I started to watch these videos of motivational people who where infectious in their attitude to life, I then started to read books about mindfulness, healing and how to change your life.

These books and videos became a daily habit I was hooked!

This now gets me to my new routine. Before my feet even touch the ground in the morning I sit up and grab my phone. I go to Youtube and search ‘morning meditation’, I then sit and listen clearing my mind of any problems and really listening to my inner self. After this I then search ‘morning motivation’ and listen to 10-20 minutes of the most inspiring speakers out there. Doing this each morning has put me in a great mood from the word go, it wakes me up excited for the day, grateful for all I do have in life and not focusing on the rubbish.

Now I know this won’t be for everyone but I have found that as a person who has depression and anxiety It helps me see a different take on life. Even if it is only for the 30 minutes that morning, it is 30 minutes I am not thinking about my problems.

Progress right?

Another thing I do is journal, this has helped me clear my mind of everything that bothers me and there is something therapeutic about getting it out of my head on to paper.

So why not give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Have a wonderful day,

Michele xĀ 

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