New Moon Magic

Last night was amazing!

Not only was it a new moon it was Friday 13th, I have always loved Friday 13th for me personally it has always been a very magical time and miracles have taken place the best one so far was passing my driving test after four failed attempts. That day I passed with only one thing minor wrong, MAGIC!

So for a while now since my granddad passed really I have been getting really into my spiritual side, I have always felt a massive connection to the universe but never really done anything about it. I actually thought I was a witch when I was younger and my granddads mum use to read tea leaves so maybe that is where I get it from.Β  The more I develop it now the more I realise I have always been into it, I was just letting the acts of normal day to day living take over. That noise can be deafening!

It started with me reading a few books, then I started to meditate and moved on to Oracle Cards for guidance (they have not been wrong yet). I started to notice so much energy around me, my mood was better and amazing things started happening.

So as it was a new moon last night which is always an amazing opportunity to removed negativity and make room for new exciting opportunities andΒ  new energy to enter I did my usual ritual. Yes I have a Ritual!

I had a massive journal-ling session writing down all that worries me, all that I wish for in life, and some powerful affirmations (I am brave, I am wonderful, I am loved, I am Happy). Then I put my crystals (I have these for energy, healing and grounding) in a bath ofΒ  Himalayan Salt water then put them out to catch all the energy from the moon.

I then got an amazing card reading from my very good friend and business bestie Chelle Clarke at Soul Vibration. The cards Chelle used where Goddess cards, and boy did she pull out a good one for me. This women was amazing. The card was “Thecla” The Prophetess of true power!! Her tagline “I call my power back from all times and all places. I am my own”.

Thecla was nothing short of a badass! Her journey is not unlike mine. She has being broken and built back up and each time coming back stronger and stronger so I definitely identified with this.

If you want a card reading or maybe interested in getting more spiritual but need guidance Chelle is your lady. I have asked her to be a guest blogger in the future, you can find her on Instagram @soulvibrationuk and Facebook @Soulvibrationuk.

After this I took myself off to bed and did an amazing guided moon meditation. I had such a good sleep and woke up feeling so energised and ready for some amazing things I know are going to be happening.

I know for some this is a little woo woo!! but I believe this is how I have managed to become more accepting of my mental health issues and helped me find my path.

Maybe try it see what happens!

If you have any questions for myself or Chelle then please let us know.

Have a wonderful day.


Michele x

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