Women Of Wisdom

Happy Monday!

I am so excited I am going to be bringing you a blog feature called “Women Of Wisdom” I have called it this as I know some amazing women who have a wealth of knowledge and I have asked them to share their wisdom with us.

My reason for doing this is that when I was really low I started networking with these women and became aware of all these other resources that a Doctor or therapist may not make you aware off.Β  Theses courses, coaching, talks, podcasts, blogs are what got me out of the biggest funk I have ever been in and inspired me to get on the journey I am on now.

I want to share these amazing women with you as one of them may be the women you’ve been looking for with the service that can help you. I wish someone had done this years ago my life would of taken a very different path.

I really hope that you will be able to benefit from this feature. The ladies I have looked for deal with Anxiety, depression, business, wellness, spirituality, yoga, mental health, mindfullness, NLP and CBT. So you will be getting some good advice.

Let me know if you would like me to include anything else or if you would like to be featured.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele xΒ 

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