7 Tips For Better Sleep

I use to be such a bad sleeper, I would get to bed and be so agitated I could not get comfortable or worse I would be on my phone until the early hours of the morning. Sound familiar?

Well today I am going to be sharing with you 7 tips for better sleep, also if you hit the subscribe button you will get the FREE cheat sheet!

These have all been tried and tested by myself and I have found them all to make me sleep like a baby and improve my overall health, and mood.

Black Out Blinds! 

This may seem obvious but it is a must, having street lights or daylight coming into your room will effect the quality of sleep you are getting. Waking you up during the night or waking you up before your alarm is due to go off. If you don’t want to invest in black out blinds or curtains there are some brilliant and not that expensive masks available. As someone who has also done night shifts I can recommend the night mask just make sure you check the material and the reviews as some can be quite light and leave gaps.

Night Time Meditation 

This one I use to use quite a lot if the mind will not shut down before bed, you can take to Youtube and find a guided sleep mediation or there are apps like Headspace or Calm that are great for this exact purpose. This means your brain will be relaxed and you will get a good deep sleep.

A Cool Room 

The temperature of your room is really important you need to have some fresh air so maybe leave the window or if it is winter the top window with a little gap. In the summer time and when we go on holiday we all know that it can be impossible to sleep in a boiling hot room. So invest in a fan or if you can get it air conditioning it will help you sleep and not keep tossing and turning, or flapping the duvet all night long.


You may think this is weird but plants can help with the quality of air you are breathing in during the night, and are proven to relax you. Plants to get are Aloe Vera, Spider plants or Lavender. Also they look nice!


Changing your bedside lamps and the light that is in your room during the night is a big one to help you sleep. Do not go on your phone just before you sleep, or watch Tv then go to straight to sleep this has been proven over and over again not to help your brain activity before sleep. Instead read a book! Another great tip is get some salt lamps as your bedside lights they have a amber glow which is more relaxing and have a huge list of  benefits like helping you relax, and breathe better.


You have probably heard about this before but it is such a relaxing scent. Lavender candles in your room lit before you go to bed will leave the relaxing scent in the air (make sure you blow them out before bed, fires are not relaxing), or a few drops on your pillow. We have a air diffuser in our bedroom which we put drops in to help us sleep.

These are my top tips on how I managed to help myself and my husband who both have sleep issues get a good decent sleep every night. If you have tried any of these or having anything you would recommend then please let me know.

Don’t forget to subscribe to get your FREE cheat sheet!

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x


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