How to get your ideal client.

Today I had a conversation with  fellow business women about the perfect client, so it inspired me!

I have just had a major change in my work life and although it is very exciting and I am loving all the opportunities that are coming my way I am feeling anxious and this is all because of my mental health issues they are like the naughty devil on my shoulder so I have to make sure I ignore that and focus on the nice angelic one that is guiding me on the right path. The path towards success.

The new business I have created is making me so excited and is something I love doing which if you are thinking of going into business is a big one, you need your business to kick you out of bed in the morning and excite you. If it doesn’t well change it, you are the creator of your own life!

I have set up another part of She Steps Up which is creating content for women in business it allows me to  free them up so they can concentrate on the parts of their business they love. As an example not everyone loves sitting down and writing or people get serious writers block and can not for the life of them get past it. That is what I am here for but not only that I am going to be really hands on and learning about the women I work with get into their passion, their motives, their dreams, and put this across in the words I use.

People go to these women because they want to work with them not me, so it is important that I make all the content relating and sounding like the women I am working for.

This brings me on to the ideal client! The lady I spoke with this morning asked me who my ideal client is and that I should write it down and put it out into the world.

The reason why you need to be super clear on how your ideal client is, is simply so you can then direct everything posts, adverts, courses, etc to that women. As an example I love writing, brainstorming, creating, and putting documents together so my ideal client would for my business be someone who hates this part of their business.

As a coach you may yourself have been through something which you managed to get over and you now know you have the right course and materials that will help women who where like you two years ago. The ideal client for you in this scenario is the you from two years ago as you know her, you where her, you know what she needs… does that make sense?

So my ideal client is a women who is a busy and a successful in business who is full of passion, and drive but hates that she wastes time in her business staring at a screen not knowing what to type but knows what she wants to say and put across, when she could be reaching out to her clients instead. This means that I can listen and feel her passion and drive and put the words down for her. I am even going to be offering a service where I watch her live training’s, or videos and transcribe them as theses provide so much content that can be used over and over again.

My ideal client will then be free and able to serve her clients and bring in new clients, she will be available and can serve more women as she will be saving 5-6 hours a week on writing. I love writing and create it is what sets my soul on fire so it will be the perfect combination of passion and success to bring business forward and raise the bar for success for both myself and her.

If you read this and would like more information on my business rates and services then please do email at

So have a think what is your business, what do you offer, who is your ideal client then go out there and get them. Success is yours, there is enough success out there for everyone.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x

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