How food can effect our thoughts.

We all know how important food is for us to live, but have you ever thought about what food does that will impact our business, our moods, and our creativity? There is a lot of research on this matter, and it proves that food is more than just energy for our bodies.

I am terrible when I am busy with work and home life easy meals are the best option and usually this is a takeaway so not only do you start to pile on the pounds but you also start to feel low on energy, crabby and not very motivated or inspired.

When I eat healthy and regular I have so much more energy, I can focus better on my work and my creativity is on point! So as business people we should really be eating the best food we can so that we sleep better, focus better and have the energy to do everything we need to do that day.

Not only this when I eat bad I am not in a great place I start to get into negative thinking again, probably because of my low energy levels. As soon as I start eating better I am a lot happier. I also get very moody if I am hungry!

Now why is it we don’tΒ  just eat better and I know I am not alone on this, I see many other people in business reaching for the takeaways. How can we manage 10 mins of our time and call up for a pizza ,but not 10 mins of our time in the kitchen and make up a salad. Why? We are clever people so how does our brain and body not work out what is best for us.

We do self development and meditation which we know makes us more geared up for business but we do not allow ourselves good food when we are busy. I know also when I worked for an employer my food options where not healthy, as I was often eating at my desk so simple food that I could just eat without thinking was my priority.

This is what we are doing unless you are in the health and wellness sector then your business is probably based around you showing the healthy food and meals you are eating so you have daily motivation. If we can motivate ourselves to get up meditate and then read a book that will help us then why can’t we motivate ourselves to get off our bottoms and make healthy food every day?

Now this is all based on my personal journey through business but I have a feeling I am not alone from the things I see and hear via contacts on social media. I would love to know if you are in the same boat, or maybe you have some tips you would like to share on how to get that healthy food in. Drop me a comment I would love to know.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x

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