Crystals for business!

Hey there! This one is for all my spiritual boss babes and boss dudes out there.

Being in business is great but I like all the extra help I can get so I called up my spiritual guru and business bestie Chelle Clarke at Soul Vibration UK and asked her if she would put me a killer business success package together and she did just that. I am vibrating high at the moment and already noticing some changes.

So in my business booster collection I got the following. You can get these from Chelle at Soul Vibration Facebook Page.

Zebra Agate – big dreams and vision

Citrine – Success, prosperity, abundance and wealth.

Carnelian – Confidence, motivation, energy, leadership, ambition, inspiration, prosperity and luck.

Green Aventurine – opportunity, luck, manifesting, winning, goals.

Moonstone – balance, fortune, luck, success in love and business.

Tigers Eye – protection, luck, prosperity and integrity.

Smokey Quartz – protection, grounding, and anchoring.

Gold Stone – achieving goals and stabilising emotions

I got all of the above in tumble stones but then added to my collection a citrine and carnelian chip stone bracelet so I can can wear these around with me all the time to attract the energy.

I also added into my collection a piece of Rose Quartz for self love and feminine energy balance and activation, as well as a piece of Amethyst for calm and relaxation as well as improving my mood.

They look so pretty and will be near me at all times especially when journal-ling and working so I am able to go after my dreams and achieve those goals with the help of the universe

What are your fave crystals, and what have you noticed happen since having them in your life?

Don’t forget to check Chelle out!

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x




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