Full Blood Moon Eclipse

Today we have a special guest blogger my dear friend and business bestie Chelle Clarke from Soul Vibration is going to talk to us about the full blood moon eclipse happening tonight. 


Ladies a little word of warning for those who believe in the power of the moon.

Friday is a full blood moon eclipse.

Full Moons are a time for releasing what doesn’t serve you like emotions/people/things etc.

The eclipse and having 5 planets in retrograde including mercury are also stirring up things we have buried or not fully dealt with.

You can expect an ex to get in contact or at least some old feeling resurface over the next few weeks.

Your communication may be effected and find yourself usually short-tempered or quick to judge. It’s important to think before you speak until mid August.

Technology and planning may be a little off right now too

So with that said here are my top 5 tips to navigate the cosmic sh*t storm

1. Take your time. Don’t make snap decisions or judgements and look at a situation from all angles before reacting
2. Journal. Any negative emotions or situations need to be worked through just pour it all out on to paper or choose a grounded friend to help you process.
3. Take time out. Even just 10 minutes a day to meditate when things get too much can help you calm down and release tension.
4. Avoid making big decisions that will affect your life. Now really isn’t the time to jump before you look, take some time to consider all your options and only if it feels totally right then go for it. But it’s important to know where you will be landing, where you might land if it doesn’t work out and worst case scenario before doing anything
5. Go easy on yourself. There will be days when you feel like your batteries are dead, your brain is on strike or you just can’t deal with others, so give yourself a time out and reboot

And here is a bonus tip….
The next week is a perfect time to de-clutter your home (as well as your mind) , spend 30 minutes in the morning and evening tackling the junk draws/cupboards/rooms. Ditch the clothes you don’t wear, get rid of the broken toys, out of date food tucked at the back of the cupboard and dust like your life depends on it.

Go with it. Don’t fight it. Push through.

Do you need support for your situation? Then you can reach out to me at Soul Vibration UK

Perhaps you need to de-clutter the mind, accountability to make or stick to changes or receive the cosmic messages waiting for you – regardless I have your back

Who am I?
I’m Chelle a mum of two with one on the way from England. Through out life I have used crystals and cards to guide me through the twists and turns of life, including my current journey as a single mama!

I am a spiritual transformation coach helping women find their inner magic and live a life that is aligned with their purpose enabling them to be, do and have anything they desire.

You can find out how you can work with me by reaching out directly

Love always

Chelle and the universe

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