Marta Ceccato

  1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?

Hi, my name is Marta and I’m the founder of Sapiens Media Coaching . I’m Italian but I have been living in London since 2001.

  1. What is your business about?

I help entrepreneurs create an effective business strategy and choose the right online marketing tactics to launch and grow their business effectively, efficiently and effortlessly. The clients I work with are either looking to start a business or need help to scale their start-up to the next level. My role is to help them craft a clear business strategy and choose the right marketing tactics; put together an action plan and hold them accountable.

3.What made you get into this line of business?

In my early 20s I move to London

I had a degree, some working experience and plenty of ambition. Little did I know that my career in London would start at McDonald’s.

From having two minimum wage jobs just to pay the bills; sharing a room with five people; going into debt and being in a toxic relationship where the constant criticism undermined my confidence, a few years later, my life was a million miles from what I had imagined.

After an emotional breakdown and months of despair, I decided enough was enough.


I came up with a 12-month plan.

I went on and achieved a marketing qualification and a higher diploma in business strategy and I qualified as a coach.

By my 30s I was earning a six-figure salary, I had my own place and a high-flying job.

I carried on climbing the corporate ladder.

I worked with some of the major brands: King, Johnson & Johnson, Tesco, Diageo, PayPal and became well-respected in my industry.

I thought I made it!

One day, 5 years later, on my way back from the hospital after an unexpected medical procedure, heartbroken and in pain, I realized that after all I wasn’t living the life of my dreams.

I had left Italy to make a difference not to be in a 9 to 6 job and… feeling guilty to be too unwell to go to work.

That was it! I had to start my own business and be in control!

I knew what with my 15 years’ online marketing and business strategy experience I could really help others with their businesses.

founded Sapiens Media Coaching.

Today, I teach entrepreneurs create an effective business strategy and choose the right online marketing tactics to launch and grow their businesses effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.

  1. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?

I love what I do so I wake up every morning really motivated. My morning routine is quite simple. I start with a coffee while listening to my daily podcast and then I check my emails and map out my day.

  1. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Focus on progression over perfection

Perfectionism can be more of a vice than a virtue.
For years I battled the “all or nothing” mindset that prompts setting impossibly high standards.
Being a perfectionist meant that I struggled to delegate; I never rested as “the job was never done” – and the job was never done because to me it was never perfect.
So now, whenever the “all or nothing” mindset kicks in, I ask myself: “What’s the worst that could happen?” and “What could I be missing out on?”

  1. What is a book you would say everyone must read?

It’s a book from Dale Carnegie called: “How to win friends and influence people”.

  1. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

I’m launching Fast-Track to Launch 6-week group coaching program at the beginning of October. This program is for people who are looking to create and launch a signature program but don’t know where to start from.

As this is a new program, I’m offering an introductory pricing to the first 5 people who apply.

For those interested you can apply at Fast Track Launch Program

  1. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

I step back and take a few deep breaths to help my mind switch.

  1. What do you love most about helping others?

I believe in the abundance that derives and from giving. Being able to make a difference in another person’s life is really rewarding and fulfilling for me.

  1. Your favourite quote?

Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.

Thank you so much Marta for your interview and sharing this with us, simply amazing.

If you would like to see more of Marta please go to Website , Facebook ,Instagram , or Twitter

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Have a wonderful day.

Michele x 

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