Lessons I learnt this week

This week has been such an amazing week. I have not had a week like it in quite sometime but I know this is just the start of things to come.

I have implemented a few new things to my day which will help me move forward in life and business, which I would love to share with you.

  1.  Getting up 1 hour earlier 
  2. Writing down my dream annual earning, every single day in my diary. 
  3. Saying in my head 5,4,3,2,1 before reacting to anything. 
  4. making a to-do list of at least 5 things every night that I need to do the next day and not stopping until it is done. 

This isn’t rocket science but it has had a massive impact on my creativity, my work ethic and the energy I have been putting into anything I do. I feel a lot more in-control of everything as well, and I believe that these are moves that any person in business or life could benefit from doing daily.

I picked up all these tips from motivational speeches I have been listening to why working, I figure if these people are successful and this is what they do then it must work. It does!

I have also finally felt inspired and motivated to write my book!  This is a very exciting but very scary process it is already bringing up some emotions, but I am getting it all down as I know that it will help a lot of women.

I have set a goal to do 300 words every day on the book but I am getting about 1000 out a day as it is just pouring out of me like therapy, I have already cried a lot too. It is amazing all the things you don’t think that are inspiring or important but are actually relevant to the bigger picture so need to be told. I really do hope that readers will like it, and it can really help empower women that is my goal anyway.

This week I also did my very first Podcast Interview it was so scary and very emotional, I ended up really enjoying it and will share more with you once it is released.

Let me know if you try any of the above tips in the comments section.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x

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