New Feature Coming Soon!

Big NEWS!!  I am starting a new feature called  “Books To Inspire” I am so excited about this. The idea came to me why I was in bed reading at 1am, you see reading is my number One favourite hobby. If I need to escape I read, If I need to learn I read.

Reading the books I have, well they have helped me get through so much and totally changed my life so I had the idea of sharing the books I love and doing some reviews for you. A bit like an online book club.

The even more exciting thing is since I decided to do this feature I was contacted by two new authors and asked to review their books which are just now being published!! How amazing is that, this shows you how quickly manifesting happens.

The type of books I love to read our self-help, spiritual, motivational, and empowering!  I have learnt so much and healed from these books. I am also fully aware that some people need to read these books but do not know they are there to purchase so this is my mission I want to get these books out there and seen.

Books can change your life, have you ever read a book and thought “Oh my god” there are so many light bulb moments in books. I am also going to be totally honest, I have read some books over and over, others I read the first chapter and then took a year off to start again.

I would also really love to hear if you have any books you think I need to read, or if maybe you are an author and would love a review. I am happy to help, I also feel Amazon may owe me a fortune with all these recommendations to their site I will be doing…  A girl can dream!

So keep your eyes peeled for my first review coming soon.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x 


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