Donna And Dermot On The Move

I was very honoured this week to receive a copy of Donna and Dermot on the move by Hilda Kalap and Jamie – leigh O’Neill.  I have never had a book from the actual author before and signed aswell, it was a very exciting and lovely feeling.  I thank Hilda for this, I am very grateful.

Now this book is for children aged 5 to 9 years of age, so you may be wondering why given my style of blog and age of 33 why am I talking to you about a children’s book, stay with me.

Donna and Dermot is a book about mindfulness for children. I think this is so important for children as sometimes being a Child especially in this age of Youtube, Facebook etc they have alot of technology not like when I was their age when my biggest thoughts where about playing in the woods with my friends.

I know 5 year olds that have YouTube channels and are always wanting the latest phone. It always makes me think about when I was five if I had a phone who would be in my contact list, it would have been my mum and grandparents that would have been it. Today that isn’t the case these children have probably more contacts than me as they all have phones.

So for someone to create a book that teaches children about being mindful is an amazing thing. This book is about Donna who is loving life in the countryside then her parents get a job in the city and once there all Donna can see is the negative, she gets so involved in the negative that she doesn’t realise the amazing new things that are going on around her. Donna comes up with a plan to get back to the countryside by saving her pennies to get on the train and back to her grandparents, now I wont ruin the ending for you but as an adult reading this book I even managed to take away from it an important message.

No matter what we have in life that is going on good or bad, it is important that we  sometimes take a moment to sit there and breathe. Actually see what is going on around you and it may actually make you realise that the important stuff, the stuff that really matters is with you always no matter where you go!

I would also like to add that any child would love this story, Dermot is a lovely little character and the illustrations are beautiful. Perfect bedtime story.

A little bit about Hilda:


Hilda has been writing since she was a child with her first picture book about a James-Bond style adventurer, ‘Monsters of the Deep’, written when she was nine years old. This was closely followed by a semi-finished book about a gang of children exploring a haunted house, ‘The Secret of Kintyre Manor’, when she was 10.
Hilda has had many articles published in national magazines and newspapers while working as a freelance journalist and has travelled the world working for international organisations like the Red Cross as a communications manager.
‘Donna and Dermot on the Move’ is her first picture book and was published by Pegasus in Publishers in 2017. The illustrator is Jamie-Leigh O’Neill.
Hilda now works as a complementary health therapist, two days a week she gives reiki to cancer patients in a hospice. She runs her own holistic health practice, The Healing Space, the rest of the time and frequently teaches reiki, a daily energy routine for optimum health and how to balance hormones naturally.
Hilda lives near Dartmoor in the South West of England. She is a single parent to two children and enjoys reading, writing, travel, cinema, walking in nature, yoga and playing the piano.
Her second picture book on natural health will be published in the summer of 2018

About Jamie-Leigh O’Neill:

Jamie has recently moved to New Zealand. Originally from Jersey, she worked as a designer and illustrator in London for many years an has a passion for creating eye-catching and enchanting imagery.
Having completed a degree in BA Hons in Animation Production in 2013 she has developed an eclectic and adaptable style. Jamie loves to experiment with different mediums often working digitally, but her true love will always be pencil and watercolours.
‘Donna and Dermot on the Move’ is her first picture book.

So where can you learn more and get the book from you ask? Well here is a lovely little teaser Video , you can also buy the book at Waterstones

Thank you so much to Hilda once again for sending me the book.

If you are a writer who writes books on mindset, self-development, spirituality, business and would like me to review it please contact me at

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x


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