My Very First Podcast Interview!

A week go I had the pleasure of being interview for the amazing Rebecca Cross’s Podcast Stepping Into Greatness!

I was quite nervous as I do still find certain things difficult to talk about especially my grandfather’s passing and things with Ethan because it is still so raw. I am working through it all and I am as you know in the process of writing my book, where I go into everything a lot more. To put it into perspective I find it so hard to talk about losing my grandfather still that I either do not bring it up, I keep the sentence short, or when writing my chapter about it I take a week off.

I also skimmed a few things about my past as it would have been such along audio and take a month to record… I’m serious it would have been so long you would have got bored. Good news you can read it in my book!

Rebecca was so amazing though we had a chat before we started and she has such an amazing energy that we ended up really clicking, I know this is just the beginning of our friendship and working relationship.

Although finding certain things awkward to talk about and the fact I was a little nervousΒ  I found it quite an empowering thing to do, I also realised that my story needs to be told because if it helps just one person that is one person whose life I have changed. I have been through so much and grown stronger each time, I get kicked down and come back twice as strong when some would have given up.

I am currently putting together following some amazing advice from Rebecca the She Steps Up course, I am looking to design this course so women can access it over and over. I am also going to be doing calls and 1:1 coaching to reach out and help more women, details to follow.

I have so many ideas on where to take the She Steps Up movement! Sometimes it takes an uncomfortable step with somebody who has an outside perspective to show you how amazing you really are.

This podcast is just the start of it all, and I am so excited to take you all with me on this journey. If you would like to listen to Rebecca and myself, plus all of her other Podcasts then please go toΒ Stepping Into Greatness.

I would love to know what you think?

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x

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