Must Have Book!!

I feel as though I really need to tell you all about this book, especially as I know a few of the ladies featured and their stories.

My business bestie for example is one of the featured authors in this book and having proof read her chapters, and also been with her through some of her journey I had to discuss it with you.

Chelle is one hell of an amazing woman and on  personal level she has been there for me through what has been a pretty tough year, and she has had a pretty tough year too. She is one of the most amazing women I know. We speak daily and are always bouncing our business ideas of each other, as well as helping each other through some personal situations too. I know that if I have a drama she is there despite what she is going through and I am there for her too.


I would really urge you especially if you’re looking for some motivation and inspiration to get this book. Some of the ladies I have featured as Women Of Wisdom and some friends are also featured. I have been friends with these amazing women on Social Media for some time now so have seen their ups and downs which they share with you in this book.

I am getting my copy this week to read, so I will do a full review.  I really can not wait to read more stories from amazing empowering women who run businesses, have families and have accomplished so much. I am all about female empowerment as you know.


The book is already climbing the bestseller chart on Amazon and in such a short time I believe it was only released yesterday and make actually still be on pre- order. Will be number 1 for sure, I have faith!

I really am so proud of these ladies! I am glad to know them and call them my friends.

If you want some empowerment and motivation in your life then Get Your Copy Here

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x

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