My Charity For September!

It is a new month, I love this time of the year the lead up to Christmas which is my fave month of the year.

The other day I did a post about my vision for the Women Of Wisdom feature. I have huge plans for this feature such as my merchandise and books, I am speaking with a few publishers this week. Exciting!!

The main thing I want to achieve from all of this is to help as many women as I can, I want to showcase them, provide a platform for them to share their stories but most of all to help them reach more people and grow.

When I was at my lowest I wish I had been able to find a place with all these inspiring women, a place where I could find someone with just the service I need to help me move forward. This was why I started this feature, it is important to me, it is my baby.

I still can’t believe that my little blog has reached over 1,000 views in just over a month!! I am extremely grateful.

So I have changed things up and decided that I will no longer be doing the features for free, I am charging a very small amount (I know this as I have been asked to pay crazy money to be featured in someone else’s blog) £30/$39. It takes me a while to find these ladies, to email them the details and then put the feature together, then there is all the promotion work. However, I also want to use this money to help other’s so each month I am picking a charity and giving 50% off the profits from the feature to this charity.

My charity for September 2018 is The Faye Knowles Chapman Foundation their mission is to raise awareness of cervical cancer and they are campaigning to get the minimum age of screening lowered. An amazing thing to do I think you will agree.

The charity was set up in honour of Faye, who lost her life to cervical cancer at the age of 27 Read Faye’s Story Here!

Faye – what a beautiful girl. 

So anyone who signs up to be a featured Women Of Wisdom will be supporting this amazing charity and much-needed cause. You can APPLY HERE.

If you would like to know more about the charity you can at their Website.

Thank you so much for everyone who reads this and signs up. It means the world to me and I value every reader , I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x 

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