Why investing in yourself is important!

I won’t lie it took me a while to come round to this idea.

Maybe it was because of my mental health, self-doubt or indeed my money blocks but when I heard people talking about investing in themselves I did not get it. So you are going to pay £2,000 for someone to tell you what you need in your life? That is crazy!

This was until I hit rock bottom and needed help, I officially ran out of resources to help me, the books on the shelf where not cutting it. I needed a coach!

I never realised it but I had already been investing in myself, I paid for those books. I had made a commitment to do a course that all involved investing in myself. These courses and books where going to make me a better person, help me get closer to my dream life.

When I hired my first coach it was £300 for a 8 week course, now I work with coaches and am a coach myself I know this is not a huge amount as far as investing goes. Some coaches I know pay £40,000 for their coaching, one day Michele, one day!

As someone who was in debt and had no income finding and investing in that £300 was not fun, or easy! However, the coaching I got and the course was what I needed and I got more than the £300 back.

I do get how scary it can be and how sometimes no matter what you do you can not find that money to invest, but if you do not invest in yourself and your growth can you really expect anyone to pay you to help themselves? I also know that if you really want it you will be able to find ways to do it, that is another blog post on it’s own.

This is my logic when it comes to making an investment in myself; I do not know everything as much as I like to think that I am intelligent and can do a lot of things, fact is I do not know everything!

If I put money in to grow, I will be learning skills I can pass on to my clients and make myself better. I can also then increase my rates, and earn more. We all want that right?

Then there is the simple fact that if I do not walk the walk, how can I expect my clients to invest in me if I can’t or won’t do it myself. This one just does not make sense!

It also pays to just believe in yourself, that is the biggest investment you will ever make!

So let me ask you this, can you afford to invest in yourself today? What area would you invest in? Even if it is just a new book you can learn from that is still an investment.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x 

4 thoughts on “Why investing in yourself is important!

  1. Hi Michele. I love the openness of your post, thank you!

    I am retired, and over 50 years old. I still buy new books and look for websites on self improvement. I don’t think I’ll every stop as it is t he was I have got where I am today 🙂

    Just found your site so starting to read. Looks good so far!

    Keep up the good work!


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