4 Tips for getting more sales from content!

As a copywriter I have learnt a few things in my time, especially when it comes to making mistakes when it comes to a sales posts. Some of the things I have put out there in the past have actually made me cringe. Facebook Time Hop is not my friend!

So today I wanted to share some tips with you that you can implement in your business today to start making a change. This will help you stand out, get clients, and make those all important sales.

1. Personality! 

This is so important and something that can easily get overlooked. We like to remain professional and come across as the expert in our field (there is nothing wrong with that) what we do miss is that we can sound like a robot and forget to show our personality!

People buy you! You will always have clients if you are you!

2. Read back over what you write! 

Every time I write something I go back and check it over and read it OUT LOUD! This helps in a few areas; you get to hear how it sounds to someone else reading it, you will get to notice where there should be full stops, or other punctuation. This also helps to see if your personality is coming through. Does what you write actually sound like something you would say?

3. Keep it simple! 

Do not write massive complicated jargon! This confuses the hell out of people, If I am looking to lose weight and someone starts talking to me about how my glucose levels and Hypertension, Cardiology etc,etc (I bet you got bored reading that). I fully get that you love what you do; but the people you are talking to want facts, figures, easy to understand words and know what they will get from your service.  Do not lose them by trying too hard… again just be you!

4. Tell them what to do! 

If you are doing a post to get people to book a call you need to literally type BOOK HERE!

People love to be told step by step what to do when they look at something, if there is no call to action you will simply lose them. Can you imagine if you have made a great sales post the client is reading it and nodding along the whole time then they get to the end and there is nothing… you will lose sales. Buy Here, Book Here etc will get them taking that next step.

I hope you have found these helpful? If you would like to discuss your own copy and sales issues further I have opened up my diary for 30 minute breakthrough calls. Where I will help you with your blocks, or issues on the phone there and then, you can BOOK HERE.

I am a copy and content coach for women in business, I help them overcome their blocks when it comes to writing in business, I help them find their words and share them with the world reaching their dream clients and making sales. I have 5 spots available to work with myself on a 1:1 basis, my coaching is a 12 month rolling programme so you have my professional support all the way.

If you would like to know more you can Book Your Discovery Call

Have a great Day.

Michele x


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