Market Research!

This week I have been working with my coach to learn all about my ideal client. I wanted to share with you some vital things I have learnt doing this.

I really thought that I knew who my ideal client was but when I did this with my coach I realised that I did know her. Not only that I was making courses and packages with what I think she would want from me, and not what she would want from me.

I have realised that it is so important that we listen to our clients and hear what they need from us, what will help them not what we think will help them. We have to LISTEN! If we do not listen and hear what they want you will never be successful in business. This is a FACT!

I have also spoken to so many amazing women, I have done a mixture of marketing calls and breakthrough sessions and loved every second of it. Just getting on the phone and speaking to people when you work from behind a laptop all day has been lovely! These amazing women have now become friends and potential clients due to the help and advise I have been able to share with them. It was great to get on the call and hear from their words what they want.

Hearing what their struggles are in may area, and how it would feel for them if they could solve these issues. It was really helpful for me as a coach to make something for them that would help them, to solve those problems for them. I would really recommend everyone to do this.

If you don’t know. you can’t grow!

Now I have a clear Idea and vision of my dream client, I know who they are as soon as I speak to them,  and can now learn tools myself in order to share with them to help them.

I have created my 1:1 coaching package around this, and I will also be doing 4 courses a year for a 4 week period at a lower rate as I heard that some people do not have the money to invest the higher 1:1 price, I get it myself as I have been there.

I will be offering free webinars, Facebook lives in my VIP group, and loads more planned so I am able to help everyone that needs me.

I am still offering my 30 minute free breakthrough calls where I get on a call and discuss your content, copy and writing issues for business. If you would like to take advantage of this then please BOOK HERE

If you would like to join my free community  Words Of Wisdom – Creating Content Strategy for Aspiring Six Figure Females please JOIN HERE

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x 

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