Dr. Janet Crain

1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?
I am Dr. Janet Crain. I was raised in Brooklyn, New York and currently live in New Jersey.   I am a retired dentist, expert Tree Reader, author, hypnocoach, international lecturer, cancer survivor, loyal friend, married and mother of two. My business is called Finding JRC.
2. What is your business about?
Finding JRC serves to help people find Joy, Relevance and Connection in their relationships with self, health, wealth, others, and spiritually through Tree Reading. My interest in art therapy, the mind-body connection, spirituality, creativity, and personal growth has brought me to develop a variety of life management tools.
3. What made you get into this line of business?
After facing a devastating divorce, near bankruptcy and then a major health issue I needed to get my life back on track.  Now I share my success story and help others create the life they want.


4. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?
Yes. I wake up early enough to text with my son serving in Iraq over my first cup of coffee. My morning routine includes Spanish for 10 mins, writing in my journal and a TO-Do list. Then I get ready for Facebook live #coffeetimewithJanet over my second cup and talk about human connection.



5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
Try to look on the bright side, everything works out –  by my mom.
6. What is a book you would say everyone must read?
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand – The main character is Howard Roark,  an individualistic young architect who designs modernist buildings and refuses to compromise with an architectural establishment unwilling to accept innovation.


7. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?
Yes. I am launching my new workbook “Buying Confidence On A Self Doubt Budget” and I plan to discount it when it is released.


8. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?
I created a dance called “The Let It Go Mambo”  you can see it on you tube. It’s about letting go and moving on.


9. What do you love most about helping others?
The reward of friendship and connection.


10. Your favourite quote?
Live  limitless.
Thank you so much for sharing your business and story with us you are an amazing women. If you would like to see more from Dr. Janet Crain then you can do at website Instagram, or Facebook
Have a wonderful day x

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