Maria McGrath

Introduce yourself

HI my name is Maria McGrath, I am 46 years old, & I live in a small country town in Central West NSW, Australia.

My business is called Restore Balance & Harmony & I am a Creatrix® Transformologist® & FEMALE mindset expert!

What is your business about

My business is about helping women HEAL their head, heart & soul at their deepest core level, with an organic, fast & painless process called Creatrix®!

Creatrix® has been designed by a woman, specifically for the Female mind & body.. It is a modality with a full therapy inside of it, & the only Epigenetic breakthrough process, 100% designed according to the science of epigenetics….

After a Creatrix® breakthrough, your beliefs have changed, thoughts have changed, values have changed, focus has changed.. The therapy inside of it makes sure the painful or negative emotions & beliefs never come back…as you are replacing them with YOUR unique soul wisdom, your own learning that you do not get in any other modality…

After all the only person who can truly HEAL you is YOU!!

Creatrix® is a virtual reality process that’s done with your eyes closed, that causes you to unlearn your issues at the very root until they drop away. It is like nothing else out there, not psychology, not NLP, Not Hypnosis, it is its’ own process, designed for the way the female brain is wired.


ReLease– Negative emotional and limiting Blocks -The focus and care factor shift,

ReLearn -Get your unique life learnings and knowledge.  The beliefs become productive instead of sabotaging.

ReFrame- Thoughts and entire perspective changes

ReCode - Deletes inherited negative patterns and cycles and strategies are replaced for when encountering the old triggers.

ReCreate – You can live life the way you want it without those patterns and cycles that were keeping you stuck.


Recent studies show that women fill around 70% of seats at most personal development courses, seminars & workshops. We are searching for answers, for the tools to create change in our lives…..  & we keep going back, again & again because the majority of women are NOT getting results. Trouble is, when these don’t work, we then beat ourselves up as we think there is something wrong with us, wondering… “why doesn’t this work for ME? Why can’t I make this work” “What is wrong with me”?

This is why we need to understand that there is a gender difference, & we have just been using the wrong tool, the incompatible software for our hardware! ITS NOT ME, IT’S just the wrong TOOL!

Up until now, medicine, convention & the personal development world have not considered or taken into account the MALE V FEMALE differences… There is such a lack of understanding about our emotions, the hormonal differences, & about how our brains work, which make the gender differences, even personality differences MATTER… They ALL matter!!

Women are different!!

Our physical bodies are different, (this we know), our brains are different, our hormones are different (women’s fluctuating every day of every month, of every year).  Even our retinas (inner layer of the eye) are different. Females see things differently, we view & perceive the world differently to males, & how we process those images & thoughts is different as well! We are creator beings, we were created to be different, we are meant to feel differently to the protector beings. We are more emotional (8 times more crying hormone!) while males are more logical… (generally speaking… there is always exception)

Imagine…. the iphone & the Samsung – 2 devices that can do the same things (generally) text, calls, video, internet, download music, etc… BUT the software & hardware from an iphone is NOT compatible with any Android phone… This is the same for the Female & Male!! We need our own software, that is compatible with our Hardware.

And Creatrix® is THE tool/process that works for the FEMALE MIND… hands down, every time*, & at a deep & lasting level.

I help women to completely cut the ties with all their past trauma & emotional pain, as well as old patterns or conditioning, & ‘beliefs’ that are holding them stuck or not serving their greater good…

I have found that many women are struggling in their career & business, because they have beliefs & fears that hold them ‘stuck’ or in endless procrastination. It could be fear of :- rejection, being judged, criticized… self-doubt, low self-worth, lack of confidence, feeling like a fraud or ‘imposter syndrome’.. Something a majority of women have is some variation of “I’m not enough”.. not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, successful enough….etc…

Creatrix® helps a women access their deepest OWN Wisdom, at their deepest sub-conscious, their- intuition, source or soul, (each woman would have a different way to describe this, depending on beliefs, it’s the same place.. regardless of what we call it). This inner wisdom, these self-realisations or learnings (that are their OWN, NO two women will ever have the same learnings), replaces the old patterns, the negative head chatter & painful emotions that were not serving them.


This is NOT a one size fits all process, as each & every woman is different, & therefore each breakthrough is completely individual, tailored to the specific woman, & specific issues.


What makes you get up in the morning?

I get up every morning because I know there are woman who are struggling & need my help…

Each day I am motivated & Inspired by the emails, texts and big HUGS, saying “I feel AMAZING!” or “You have changed my life, I don’t even know where to begin”.  “You have given my children their mother back!” & “today was the first time I in a long time I feel like me…. forever, so grateful”!

I jump out of bed every day because I know I have the tool that is saving women’s lives… saving them from depression, despair, anxiety, PTSD, grief…. that most people tell them they ‘just have to live with”….

Here are just a couple of client stories from this year. Women who wanted to feel better within themselves, who wanted more out of life, & chose to take control, to set their heart, mind & soul FREE!!

A mother of 2 young girls, who was struggling with depression, she was on stress leave from work, & some days she just couldn’t get out of bed. She was yelling at her kids all the time & everyone in the house was walking on eggshells & kids were crying all the time..

Some issues we worked on- Anxious, angry, Depressed, impatient, frustrated, scared, betrayed, confused, unhappy, helpless… 

After 24 hours I received this text. “OMG, Maria you have changed my life! I jumped out of bed this morning without even thinking about it. Kids made it out the door on time & for the first time in a long time there were no tears at all… I got out of the house & went for coffee with friends!!


A 50-year-old grandmother, fulltime counsellor, had suffered a life time of abuse, mental, physical & sexual, & had been carrying the emotional baggage for decades …

Some issues we worked on- Feeling unloved & unsupported, Fear of abandonment, Hate, Anger, I can’t trust anyone, self-sabotage, resentment, I am not enough, grief, self-doubt, anxiety…..

3 sessions & a list of 100+ issues all gone. She is now traveling around the country, living & loving life.. Passionately sharing her emotional journey, to help other women know there is a solution.


An entrepreneur in 30’sAppears Successful & confident to everyone who knows her, but she is feeling anything but….. She feels so negative about her weight, about how she looks, ”I feel disgust, loathing & repulsed by how I look”, her mind so full of negativity it stops her reaching full potential

Some issues we worked on- Not good enough, self-loathing, I feel fat, frustration, I’m a failure, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, inadequate, what am I doing wrong…..

After 3 sessions, she is feeling HAPPY, positive & empowered!! No feeling or thinking about self-image or body issues, just getting on with running her business…


A mum running from Domestic Violence – with a young child & had to move to a new & unfamiliar state.

Some issues we worked on- Trapped, stuck, Angry, frustration, heartbroken, worthless, ashamed, taken for granted, lack of confidence, feeling financially ruined, guilt, deep sadness

‘Wow, the sadness & overwhelm I was stuck in no longer exists, I am feeling in control of my life again. I am able to deal with anything life throws at me in a new & positive way’..


A business woman in 30’s – spent 10 years working up career ladder, at the point of quitting as no confidence & fear of public speaking overwhelming..  

Some issues we worked on- Anxiety, self-conscious, Fear of public speaking, Lack of confidence, intimidated, betrayal, sad, not worthy

‘Before I tried Creatrix, I was afraid of everything. My confidence was shot and I was so sensitive that a simple sideways look by the wrong person would set me on a path of self-loathing and anxiety about what that person thought of me. Now I feel completely confident and I actually enjoy life rather than being afraid of it. I feel happy, excited and eager to enjoy life. My focus has shifted away from the negative of ‘what might happen’ to the positive of ‘just imagine the possibilities’.

Really common issues that a lot of women have… BUT do NOT have to live with…

FEELING ‘not good enough’, lack of confidence, worthless, self-loathing, self-doubt, overwhelm, procrastination (symptom of other issues), Anger, sadness, dissatisfied, fear of being judged, comparing myself to others, (and so, so many more)…


What made you get into this line of work??

I spent a decade struggling with varying levels of depression, sadness, loneliness, grief… and so many other emotions.. I was in my 30’s not married, no kids & all I had ever wanted was to be married & have lots of kids.. That was the dream, the only one I had… & I didn’t understand why I couldn’t find that… Each year that went by, the sadder &  I got, & the more emotions layered on top of emotions & they weighed me down, down, down.…into a black pit of despair….

“I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy of love”,” I’m not a real woman because I don’t have kids” I have nothing to give to anyone…. resentment, hurt, loneliness, jealousy, envy, anger… There were many layers of grief….grief that I didn’t have the life I had imagined, grief that I was alone, & the grief that I may never have children was a physical pain deep inside me….

When I turned 40, I wanted to die!! Not that I could commit suicide, but I did not want to live…. It was too painful, & I could not see a way forward, through or over the pain…

Until I found Creatrix®!!! Now this was not the first modality/tool/ process that I had tried..

BUT it was the ONE that worked!! Creatrix® turned my light back ON.. It healed me at my deepest core!! I felt peace, joy, contentment…I had a confidence, self-love & self-worth, that was never in my life before Cretrix®..

To have had my own past struggle with depression & other emotional issues, and come out the other side, gives me an understanding of depth & weight of emotional baggage that can weigh women down, & I think it helps my clients to know that I have an understanding of what they are feeling & going through. And that if this tool worked for me, it will work for them TOO!!

I am passionate about helping other women live a life FREE of emotional & mental pain & struggle. I KNOW there is a better way, & I want to help women KNOW & feel that too….


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

My dad told me when I was around 12 years old, “There will always be someone who knows more than you, & is better at any given job than you are. Take the opportunity to learn from them & grow.”


What is a book you would say everyone should read?

I love ‘The seasons of Life’ by Jim Rohn


Does your business have any offers at present?

I am offering a FREE 30 minute Mindset block Identifier call up until 24th Dec. Start your New Year with a New YOU..


What is the one thing you do to change your mindset instantly?

I focus on gratitude, & quickly list 5 things right NOW, that I am grateful for!! I also love music, it can create joy & peace in my heart easily & quickly.


What do you love most about helping others?

Knowing that I am making a difference to entire families, because helping one woman to release her emotional baggage & break generational patterns, ripples out to empower her entire family.

Creatrix® is Personal development on steroids, the fast, painless & totally organic modality innovated specifically for the FEMALE MIND… with Guaranteed outcome for women who are ready to transform their lives..

Location is not an issue as I work on zoom with women from all over the world..

If you are living LESS than YOUR BEST life, YOU have the power to change that!

RETURN to WHO YOU were before the world got its hands on YOU….


If you would like to learn more please go to:


Have a wonderful day x

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