Alison Callan

  1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?

Hi, I’m Alison and I’m a Global Clarity and Success Coach and Mindfulness Consultant. I am currently living in Brisbane in Australia, with my husband our two boys, dog and cat. I’m originally from the UK, and have spent a good seven years in New Zealand. So, I am putting that ‘Global’ title to literal good use!

2. What is your business about?

My Business is about inspiring people to Consciously Create lives they love and deserve and I do this through many modalities. Firstly, it is about empowering empathic intuitives in Business to grow and develop conscious purposeful businesses with confidence and ease. I support them through my group and 1:1 programs. Secondly, I work with empathic intuitives in the corporate space, and mothers returning to work who want to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder without playing the games. Thirdly, I work with Organisations and teams to embed Mindfulness into working environments to bring about a change in culture. And I present and speak on all of these topics!


3. What made you get into this line of business?

My kids! I realised that when I became a mum how inspired my children made me to be the very best person I could be and how much more I still had to give, how much more I still wanted to do and how I was not ready to let go of my dreams. So, I chose to get to work and own my purpose once and for all, there was no more room in my life to deny my calling, I had Consciously Created life – I deserved to Consciously live mine to the fullest!

4. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?

I truly love what I do, it’s actually hard to go to bed at night, I’m always so excited about the following day and what I have planned.
I do however do my Mindset Pathway & Planner routine every morning because it keeps me on ‘Purpose’ which is critical in my line of work energetics wise.(You can check it out here –


5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

When you make ‘a mistake’ own it!

I think it’s more than that, if you can see a way that you can improve or solutionise in your own journey then it’s not so much about the mistake but the way you choose the rectify it and learn from it, communicate it and build trust in yourself, your abilities and receive trust and respect from those looking on.

  1. What is a book you would say everyone must read?

’A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws’ – By Diana Cooper

7. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

I have just hosted the Elevate, Activate and Align – The Empowered Women’s Virtual Summit 2019. Which was a global event and saw myself plus seven other women provide value and Summit only offers. You can still register and watch the reply and grab those offers here –


8. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

Remember who I am. I breathe and allow my future self, the woman I am becoming to converse with me and give me her words of wisdom – she is the one with all the answers and they lie inside me, all I have to do is ask.

  1. What do you love most about helping others?

Honestly, seeing them succeed and helping others. It’s this incredible ripple effect, where they rise in confidence and courage and suddenly they are summoning without effort everything they were struggling previously to dream of.

10. Your favourite quote?

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart – Helen Keller.

And – You can never plan the future by the past!

Alison Callan is a Global Clarity & Success Coach, Mindfulness Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Co-Author of the book ‘You Are Meant For More’.



If you would like to see more from Alison you can at Facebook, her Facebook Group, or her Website or Instagram.

Alison is also a co-author in a #1 Best selling book – ‘You Are Meant For More’ – available on Amazon.

Have a wonderful day. X

She Steps Up – The Vision!

I have spoken with so many amazing people recently and I have come to a point where my vision for this blog and life is so bloody powerful I need to share it with you!

Let me share with you why I started She Steps Up and how I got the name. I was in a pretty crappy place, I had no energy, no passion, and felt like I was like Alice in Wonderland just going down that rabbit hole but the only thing was I just kept falling and falling.

I started this blog as an outlet for my sanity, I needed someone to talk with, somewhere I could just let off steam. As a wife, step mum to child with anger issues and mental health issues on a full-time basis and so on I realised that no matter what is going on in my life I always STEP UP! I am there for everyone, when they need me. Then I realised that there are so many women who Step Up daily. This is when Women Of Wisdom was established.

I realised I have so many amazing women around me that need to be shared with the world, I wanted to create a place to show them off and a place where people who are lost, feeling down, need to be inspired can see these women and get help.

I have had so much success with this blog and am so grateful for everyone who is sharing it, spreading the word and being featured. I want to take it further! I mean one of the ladies I have featured is being interviewed on the Jenny McCarthy Show yes the ex playboy model, actress, who is now married to Donnie Wahlberg…. Amazing!! I am so proud of her and also so amazed that she wanted to be part of my blog.

So what is coming up…..

I am in talks with a designer for some amazing designs for merchandise which I plan to get out by October I am so excited about this.

I am looking into working with some charities to help women, to raise awareness for things like sexual abuse, menstruation, cervical cancer, education etc.

I would really love to turn women of wisdom into a book, so women can have these women on their shelves for reference.

So in order to do this and reach more people, and be able to give back to charity and keep this going I have made the decision that from 1st September any new Women Of Wisdom features will have a small charge of £30/$39, my reason behind this is that I take time out of my paying work to do these features, I want to be able to continue to grow this and make it amazing, to get more exposure for these amazing women so in order to do this I will need to pay for designers, advertising etc.

My main mission is to give back, and empower women!

So if you would like to be a feature as a Women Of Wisdom please complete the Application Form

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I can not believe the success we have had and I am so proud of each and every one of you.

Never give up, always believe.

Have a wonderful day.

Michele x