Pamela Schneider

Please introduce yourself:

Hi I’m Pamela Schneider, I’m originally from the Amherst, Massachusetts area and live in Cleveland, Ohio now.


What is your business about?

I am an energy doula – I help couples conceive high vibrational souls and shift their energy when they’re having trouble conceiving with traditional methods. I work with women to prepare them for an empowered birth, so they can give birth from a place of love instead of fear.

I also help mommas who are struggling in their postpartum period to re-connect with themselves. I’m trained as a holistic health coach and in numerous energy healing modalities as well as Quantum Clairvoyance which is a form of channeling.

I’ve found that when I combine them all in one session, powerful shifts happen for my clients – because we’re tapping into the quantum field (the field of energy where information about everything is stored) asking for guidance, I’m guiding them to make changes in the life to bring things into harmony for them, and I’m using reiki, goddess ascension and crystalline energies (extremely high vibrational energies) to bring healing and clear away any heaviness or anything that is our of balance.

I especially love bringing in the Goddess Ascension energies because it taps you directly into your divine feminine energies – helping you to feel more grounded and peaceful and it often brings out creativity and helps mommas speak their truth more.


What made you get into this line of business?

I became a health coach when I was healing myself from extremely bad migraines, and when I could only get so far with healing by changing my diet & lifestyle I sought out other ways to work on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic.

I’d been drawn to reiki for a long time so I signed up to become a reiki master, and it felt so familiar to me – like i’d done it before, so I went on to study Kundalini reiki, birth trauma reiki, crystal reiki & animal reiki.

I was going through a huge period of changes in my life when I discovered Goddess Ascension, when I took the course I was really struggling in my life – working with these energies has really changes things for me.

I started speaking up more, I felt more confident, and way less self-critical. I started to create art again, and follow my intuition more. And then I found out I was pregnant, it was a total surprise to me.

I went through mixed emotions of being scared about being a mom and my abilities to be a good mom, and being thrilled about this new life. As I prepared for birth, I had a lot of healing & releasing to do around my own birth and the fears that were imprinted on me. I gave birth at home, and it was an empowering experience.

When my son arrived, I had a hard time breastfeeding him. We struggled with it for three and a half months and I ended up with a life threatening breast abscess that landed me in the hospital on IV antibiotics. It was a blessing in disguise, because through sharing my own story I had many moms reach out to me to share theirs – and I realized just how much we are going through as we transition to motherhood.

I was doing energy clearings for the full moon, and I ended up working with a new mom and someone who was trying to conceive. I decided to combine all of the energy work I had learned instead of just using reiki and the results were incredible! One mom I’d worked with had been depressed and hadn’t painted since before she found out she was pregnant (her baby is 5 months now).

She is now much happier and painting non stop!  I knew I was onto something that could really help us mommas so I had to share.


What makes you get up in the morning/morning power routine?

I’m up with Oliver around 9am, we both get dressed for the day and I do an energy clearing. I also like to lay in bed and meditate for a few minutes if he’s being cooperative, and then I stretch gently when I get out of bed. Its winter so lately I’ve been loving my apple cinnamon oatmeal and juice.


What is a book everyone must read?

Sacred Birthing by Sunni Karl for sure. It was a huge inspiration for me and I’d wished I’d read it before I conceived. Another really important book for new moms is “The Fourth Trimester” by Kimberly Ann Johnson. They both explain how to bring things into harmony physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically through all stages of creating a new life.

IMG_5924 2

What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

I like to use Avesa breathing – where you breathe in deeply and on the exhale you sigh the word “sa” and smile. It connects you with your breathe, smiling cheers you up and it signals the universe that you are open to receive its blessings.


What do you love about helping others?

I love being able to show other moms that they’re not alone – that how they’re feeling is totally normal and experienced by most moms. I love seeing the energy shift and hearing about how it’s impacted their lives. It makes me feel good to be doing something to help bring healing to the motherhood as a collective, we need all the support and healing we can find.


Your favorite quote?

“The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. The woman existed, but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new” – Osho

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Christina Hall

  1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?

I am Christina Hall, my business is called JoyfuelLife and I am originally from Germany, but now live in Washington State with my family (husband Rian, 3, 5-year-old daughter Katie and rescue dog Dexter).

2. What is your business about?

My business is about educating others about a holistic lifestyle concept, giving them the chance to living it and also paying it forward to others. I am all about health and wellness for the body as well as the mind and creating an environment (personal and professional) that will help you and others thrive. I am also part of a team that come from different backgrounds but have common values and interests. One of the biggest ones it to help other people improve their quality of life so that they have more time for themselves, their families, their friends, their hobbies and everything else that matters to them.

3. What made you get into this line of business?

I have had a traditional career as a digital marketing manager, something that I thought I would be doing my whole life. But after a couple of years in the business, my health declined (I have a viral immune disease) and the outlook of being able to combining a good living with my family plans wasn’t looking too good, especially with the demanding hours and expectations that are placed on females in the traditional workforce these days. I have tried different work from home jobs, working for international corporations, small agencies to different type of direct sales and even bitcoin businesses. But nothing really stuck with me until I found this lifestyle concept which allows me to implement my three passions into one “job” and getting to pay it forward each and every day.

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4. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?

This is a good question. I love to sleep in and value a good night of sleep. 😉 But what really keeps me going is my goals and my big vision. I want to pave the way for my daughter as well as for all the other moms out there to show them that you can really have it all: Be and do you, follow your dreams, have a career and have a family that doesn’t know you just from pictures.
I just started to follow the miracle morning routine and I love it as it gives me an outline how to spend my morning wisely and efficiently.
5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
Change expectation for appreciation. I have gotten a lot of advice over the years. This one just came my way just recently and it makes the most sense to me. We all expect something when we do certain things. If we help a friend out, we expect that he will return the favour if the need arises. This thinking however, keeps us living in fear and in a lack mentality. Instead of thinking that way, we should refocus and be grateful that we were able to help out our friend when he needed us.

6. What is a book you would say everyone must read?

I love reading books and there are way too many that I would like to mention. But for me there are two that really helped me personally: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and You’re a Badass by Jen Sincero. It doesn’t matter where you are at in your life but I feel like both of these books can definitely have an impact on you. And then of course, re-read them every so often as you will find answers to different questions you might have.

7. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

The offer is always there to check out what my team and I are doing and to see if it might be a good fit for you as well. As we like to say, the concept is for everyone, but not everyone is made for the concept. 😉

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8. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

There is not just 1 thing but the first thing I do is to assess my thoughts and rewire them as soon as I become aware of them. I have been really diving deep into personal development and the tools, tips and tricks that I have learned in my studies are definitely my go-to for changing my mindset.


9. What do you love most about helping others?

I love seeing their passion and joy coming back to their eyes. When they actually dare to dream again and begin to understand that they can really do, be and have anything they want!

10. Your favourite quote?

I have a lot of favourite quotes but this one is pretty good I think: “Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt. ~Unknown

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Cali Cutler

1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?
Hi! I’m Cali Cutler, the founder of the Bite Light Babes and a holistic health, intuitive eating, and body love coach. I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. 🙂
2. What is your business about?
I help women break free of the diet/binge eating cycle, bust free of the dieting mentality and learn to heal their relationship with their food and their own body.
3. What made you get into this line of business?
After being a raw vegan for 7+ years, I realised my love for health was also dotted with my insecurities about my body, my obsession with dieting, and looking like the “ideal image.” Throughout my years of being a sort of health-nut-nazi and health coach for 500+ people around the United States, I decided to really start helping women who were… well, just like me!
Women who have heard hundreds of nutritional rules, that have been from diet to diet, and are constantly unsatisfied with their bodies. Women who have forgotten how to have a peaceful relationship with food, one that fully nourishes them, without rules and counting calories and deprivation and having to keep constant food patrol.
Now, we are helping women worldwide stop dieting, have peace with food, and live like they always wanted to. I had to jump through 743,502,487 hoops to get here, and I LOVE giving women the tools so they don’t have to do the same!
_T4A8684 copy
I love this picture!!
4. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?
I’ve never been a morning person, but I’m really learning the power of habits (especially in a morning routine!) I like to start the day with a yerba mate’ tea, which really wakes me up, do yoga or gym, then meditate and visualise. I usually carve out about 2 hours in the morning to really dive into self-care and be able to fill myself up first so I be capable of giving time, energy, and value the rest of the day.
5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
Ooooo mama! That’s a big question to ask someone who has had countless amazing mentors and teachers! 🙂 There’s a common thread of powerful advice every mentor has given me though, and here’s a story to illustrate the best advice I’ve ever gotten:
There was once a woman who went into the woods to call forth Krishna. She earnestly knelt down and with all her heart asked that Krishna please show himself to her. Lo and behold, Krishna appeared at the top of hill and walked down the path toward her. As she kept praying, he tapped her on the shoulder to let her know he was there. Without opening her eyes, she grumpily said, “Go away! Can’t you see I’m praying here?” And swatted him away.
The moral is this: Whenever we want anything, it’s because we will feel happier in the having of it. When we want things and feel bad, we are warding away Krishna tapping us on the shoulder… who represents the happiness, peace, and joy you’re looking for. These emotions/energies are available to us, every moment of every day. 🙂
The most potent and powerful advice I’ve ever gotten is this and the secret to getting everything you ever wanted:
Feel good right now.
6. What is a book you would say everyone must read?
Ask and It Is Given, by Abraham & Esther Hicks
7. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?
Yes! Our 90-day mentor-ship programs are open! If you want to break up with dieting, and become a Healthy, Food-Certain Jedi & A Body-Positive Queen, learn more here: Work With Me
8. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?
Appreciation for anything and everything.
9. What do you love most about helping others?
I love that everyone has their own answers. That with the right questions, they can find those answers. I love watching others’ “AHA’S”, and witnessing a person’s true nature shine through their B.S. 😉
10. What is your Favourite Quote?
There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. -Leonard Cohen
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Natasha Taylor

  1. What is your name, business name and where are you from?

Hello my name is Natasha Taylor. I am 27, I have 2 gorgeous children and another on the way. I’m the owner of the online shop Deep Soul.

2. What is your business about?

My passion is crystals and holistic healing, we offer a huge range of healing crystals, essential oils, spiritual gifts, distant crystal healing and angel card readings. We like to offer a natural way of helping you with everyday struggles.

3. What made you get into this line of business?

I always loved crystals as a little girl but not for the amazing healing properties they offered but more for how beautiful they looked. I started a massage course where we had to incorporate crystals into the treatment and it’s like it fired up a passion inside me, I wanted to collect and learn as much as I could about these gorgeous stones, the more my collection grew the more I found myself recommending to friends and family.  About a year after passing my massage exams I was diagnosed with a joint condition which meant I couldn’t continue, I needed to find something I loved and that would fit around my  busy family life then it clicked, I’ve already built up a small customer base with my crystals why not turn this into my work full time. Nearly 1 year on and I haven’t looked back, I have customers all over the  world and am building my business bigger and better every day.


4. What  makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine ?

The excitement of not knowing what the day holds, waking up with a positive outlook on the world who knows what might come your way. When I am organised I like to start with a short meditation, read a page or 2 of a book I am reading, draw an angel card for daily guidance, write a list of the main things I need to get done that day, a couple of stretches and finish off with grounding and shielding myself.

5. Whats the best advice you have ever been given?

Live in the now and any negatives that come your way try to see the positive in them.

6. What is the book you would say everyone should read ?

I love raise your vibration by Kyle Gray. He explains exactly what it says in the title with tips and exercises to help you progress.


7. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

We are  currently offering 2 distant crystal healing sessions for just £20 if booked at the same time (so you might want one this month and one a couple of months down the line)  normally £15 each.

We are also just about to launch Soul Knowledge – online courses and workshops and I am sure there will be some amazing bargains to be had there.

8. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly ?

stop ,deep  breathe, remember how amazing you and your life is be grateful always.

9. What do you love most about helping others?

The feeling of gratitude you instantly get when you give someone a lifeline or another option that happens to work for them. Even just a smile makes you really feel like your making a difference to their day.

10. your favourite quote?   

what you think you create

what you feel you attract

what you imagine you become

22490003_1957987877774515_8863329932279083855_n (1).jpg

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Natalee Cooper

  1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?

Hi my name is Natalee Cooper, I am the Owner Director of Enriching Horizons a Coaching,Counselling organisation in Brisbane Australia.

2.What is your business about?

In all areas of my work I am about supporting and empowering people. I am about being real and true and helping others to get real and drop their masks of false persona which I believe leads to living an unhappy life. I am a registered Counsellor and licenced Creatrix® Transformologist™

As a Counsellor I support people with mental health issues.

As a Coach I work with people to reach their potential.

As a Transformologist I use a technique that permanently removes sabotaging blocks, negative self talk and feelings that limit potential. This technique is Creatrix®

We all develop limiting beliefs throughout our lives and develop behaviours and thought patterns that hold us back from being our true selves, fear can be a big reason for this. Breaking free from these can be difficult unless you understand how the unconscious woman’s mind works. These feelings and beliefs sit deeply programmed in our unconscious mind. Creatrix® breaks the old sabotaging beliefs and creates healthy ones. I work together with women to set themselves free so they can live happy fulfilling lives, true to themselves.
3. What made you get into this line of business?

Honestly I saw a need through my own experiences for people needing support. I studied and searched for answers to healing mental health issues particularly anxiety and depression and sought the answer to why many people are living such unhappy lives even though we live in an amazing time and world more connected but disconnected than ever before in history. I have seen the need for something more than just counselling, psychology and spiritual contentedness. I see people who do all these and still suffer, they are still unhappy. Researching further I found Creatrix® a technique that has filled all the gaps that the other modalities and ways of life have missed. I find it incredibly humbling and feel blessed to have found this technique and share it with other women. I love witnessing and facilitating someone to rise out of pain and turmoil to become free, stronger, lighter and happier. It is an experience that I am so grateful to share with them. It is breaking through layers of long-held beliefs, fears and negativity to come out free, renewed and ready to live.
4.What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?

I don’t have a morning routine I believe in going with the flow of how you feel each day. As women we live in a cyclic flow. If we try to force something we don’t feel like we become unhappy and give up. I believe it is best to learn your cycle and to flow with it. When you do this you will no longer feel restricted and you will find a deeper understanding and acceptance in yourself. Self love and compassion is something everyone needs more of.

I get up each morning quite early, I love to watch the blessing of the sun rising another day. It reminds me that we all have chances to start over, renew and be grateful for a new day. I love sharing time with my beautiful family and meeting and supporting the wonderful clients I work with. I am truly blessed.
5.What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I have been given is to stop pretending everything is perfect, be real, be true. Feel your highs and lows and flow with them. Ask for support if you need help flowing with it. Don’t pretend you are stronger than you feel. Don’t wear masks to hide your true self. When you remove the need to wear these you will feel free, you will be happier.
6. What is a book you would say everyone must read?

It’s a book that has just come out by Maz Schirmer called “I’m not Ok WTF do I do now?”
It’s currently available on Amazon  It is a life changer. For anyone who suffers mental health, feelings of worthlessness or suffering in any way, this is a must read. It knocked all other counselling, psychology and self-help books of and went to #1 on Amazon.
7. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

I am offering a complete in-depth assessment which highlights unconscious sabotaging blocks that stop women living as their true selves and to their full potential. This assessment helps women understand themselves on a deeper level and know what needs to be removed so they can live free from feelings of self-doubt, fear, worthlessness, not good enough etc This is normally $399 I am doing this on special for $99. During September.
8. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

I use Creatrix® myself as it works to permanently change a negative mindset.
9.What do you love most about helping others?

Watching the transformation after just one session and seeing their faces become instantly lighter and brighter. I love knowing they are free to live full lives free from sabotage and limits. It is a something most people strive for but feel they can never find. Most people even feel it is impossible to permanently remove these beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Many other modalities are not long-lasting. Creatrix® comes with a Full Money Back Guarantee. I love having access to the tool that works.
10. Your favourite quote?

Oh this is a hard one, I have so many.
I would say all my work comes back to this one quote which is about owning our unique selves and not hiding it from the world. 💖

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson
it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other

people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

—Marianne Williamson

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Rachel Devereux

  1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?

Hi I’m Rachel, I live in Huddersfield, England. I am the founder of Rachel Devereux, Health Nursing.

2.What is your business about?
I work with groups and individuals to help habit changes, in a view of preventing future ill-health, I have had some success in reversal of symptoms of chronic illness, but my main focus is creating health now that is sustainable in our modern-day lives.

3.What made you get into this line of business?
I did a master’s degree in Long-term conditions, this was supposed to support me in my future career progression in nursing people with long-term conditions. However it highlighted that the majority of the NHS budget, and nursing time was spent on these debilitating life limiting illnesses – and many of them are preventable, or better managed if you treat consistently with good diet and lifestyle.

The UK health system is budget based, and many people were complaining that they didn’t fit the criteria for assessment or early intervention. That their General Practitioner ignored their symptoms, or that they didn’t bother the GP out of compassion for how over worked our community/primary health care practitioners are. Friends were taking vitamins without knowing if their body was deficient, and some were on medications with horrendous side effects, that needed a further medication to combat.

Whilst studying I also produced 2 children which awoke my more natural side – and my maternal instinct is high. I realised the mortality of self, and the mortality of off-spring, and wanted/needed to protect them and their environment from harsh chemicals, toxins and a toxic work life balance. I want to show them a great work ethic – but not at the detriment of their or my happiness.

At the end of my degree I set up a sling library, hiring baby and child slings at low-cost to parents – my feel good, give back not for profit venture. I also, after 8 years of loyal customer, joined a MLM company, ENJO, showing the benefits of cleaning without chemicals. As I learnt more from this business I saw the potential for my own coaching role delivering truly holistic health care, with a personal nurse to ensure you are on the right track and that you are making the changes in the best place for you, without burnout or overwhelm. I handed my notice in and began training myself in business development. I have now seen how powerful all three roles are as the health impacts I have through changing the cleaning regime are immense!

4.What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?

    Ha ha, yes I have a power routine. It fluctuates in effectiveness. But I have a flexible wish list of morning to ensure that I and my children get the best.

    My goal is for 5am and a Hal Elrod style miracle morning. My reality is often a yoga pose with 2 children dangling from me, or my notebook affectionately named “drawing mummy”.

    5.What is the best advice you have ever been given?

      Believe in yourself.

      6.What is a book you would say everyone must read?

        Nobody Told Me – Hollie McNish

        The Politics of Breastfeeding – Gabrielle Palmer

        I’m very saddened by the way our westernised society disadvantages mothers in so many ways. And that influence is damaging the developing countries too. The Politics of Breastfeeding demonstrates how no individual family have failed to breastfeed, society and massive corporations have undermined our powerful motherhood. I am pro-choice, pro-feeding babies. Breast was our family decision, but I respect your outcome too.

        If that doesn’t appeal then

        The life changing magic of tidying – Marie Kondo.

        7.Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

          I have a free Home Health Checklist via my website mail list. This is coming along with 12 weekly emails that help you understand the checklist.

          There is a sneaky 20% off code for an hours consultation with me, so why not book the free initial chat and see if we’re a good match.

          8.What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

            I have awesome alarms to remind me of my goals and my mindset.

            9.What do you love most about helping others?

              I am a nurse, it’s a way of life and something that came up time and time again in career profiles. I was the mother hen, the protector and the fixer at school. I was also the chief tree swing tester. It lights me up to get messages saying I haven’t needed my blue inhaler for 2 weeks or my eczema has improved.

              10.Your favourite quote?
              You choose how you feel, react and think. – not sure if anyone else has ever said it so maybe its mine.

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              Fiona Clark

              1. Please introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where are you from?

              Hi, I am Fiona Clark The Midlife Energiser and live in Surrey, UK.

              2. What is your business about ?

              With extensive experience in personal development. My passion is to empower midlifers who have lost their ‘mojo’ to reconnect to their true being and feel confident, free and at balance within themselves.

              3. What made you get into this line of business?

              I started my journey in 1991 when I trained as a Kinesiologist after having a car accident. I further trained as a Reflexologist, Theta Healer, EFT Practitioner, Life Coach plus much more. It was while living in Asia when my ex husband left me that led me into working with the ‘Midlife’ niche. Having gone through my own challenges and so often hearing ‘midlife’ described as a ‘crisis’ I am determined to change the perception as I see it as a time of reinvention, a time to be your true self, confident, free and empowered.

              4. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?

              Yes my morning routine is the most important time of the day. It starts with a large glass of lemon water before I meditate, (chant), go for a 45 min walk and then do some yoga. I am also a keen cyclist so I do that at the weekend. Walking and cycling are my ‘moving meditations’! My morning routine sets my mindset and it is the time I am inspired by thoughts and ideas and creation takes place!

              5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

              Best advise I have been given, gosh that is a great question! Well I have had many but one that comes to mind that I would always tell myself after having a tough day when going through my divorce is ‘tomorrow is another day’ leave the doubts, fears and regrets behind and start again. Learn from the experience and see the gift out of each challenge, as there always is one even if you don’t see it straight away…

              6. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

              The first thing I do when I want to change my mindset is to focus on my breath, be in the moment and then if needed I continue with some tapping to let go of any negative thinking… (vital to leave the negative mind chatter behind)

              7. What is a book you would say everyone must read?

              I would highly recommend ready Bruce Liptons book The Biology of Belief where he explains the science of how thoughts create life. If you haven’t read then order it now!

              8. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

              Yes I have a fabulous offer for you! I have just started ‘The Energy Balance Approach Membership Club’ as I am passionate about helping as many people as I can and this is the best way to reach people who cannot afford 1-1 coaching but still want to learn more about personal development and to feel supported at the same time. I am incorporating many of the skills and techniques I have learned over the last 25+ years into this membership.

              We will be focusing on a theme each week, have a training session once a month and a guest speaker once a month too. Q&A session once a week. There will be many resources available eg ‘tapping’ (FasterEFT) videos, meditations and many other energy techniques that deal with stress, anxiety and sleepless nights! The key focus is about what you can do to feel empowered, confident and at peace within yourself to deal with day-to-day life.

              I have a special offer for founding members at £20 per month single membership or £30 per month for 2 people. This will be for a limited period.

              Imagine knowing that you can watch a video, be a part of masterminds and deal with any stressful situation when the time suits you.

              9. What do you love most about helping others? 

              What I am most passionate about is inspiring others to help themselves and I like to do that by sharing skills, strategies and techniques so everyone has their own ‘kit bag’. In fact we already are our own healer, we just need to listen quietly enough to know what to do to bring ourselves back to a place of self-love, confidence and inner harmony.

              10. Your Favourite quote?

              This is one of my favourite quotes by Mahatma Ghandi, it says it all! Our mindset is what controls everything positive and negative!







              Mahatma Gandhi

              Abby Wilkes Photography-3670.jpeg

              Thank you so much Fiona for sharing your business with us, if you would like to see more from Fiona you can at FacebookFacebook GroupLinkedin, and Instagram.

              If you would like to be featured as a Women Of Wisdom you can APPLY HERE, please note there is a fee of £30/$39 US Dollars to be featured (effective 1st September 2018) and 50% goes to charity. My charity for September is The Faye Knowles Chapman Foundation you can read more about them at their Website

              Have a fabulous day.

              Michele x

              Bree Marie

              1. Please introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where are you from? 

              I’m Bree Marie from I was born in San Diego, California. I am a blogger, online course creator, mindset and success strategist and as of late, a podcast host.

              2. What is your business about? 

              I help women grow their mindset so they can live more fulfilled, mindful and purpose-driven lives. I love to work with millennial women who want to learn to capitalize their skills and build an online business. I focus not only on business strategies but also with the mindset growth that is required to become successful.

              3. What made you get into this line of business? 

              I first started with my blog,, as a way to document the things that I was doing to heal my anxiety. It then morphed into course creation and 1:1 coaching and I’ve just launched a podcast a few weeks ago. I learned to re purpose my pain and use it to help other women who are looking to take their knowledge and turn it into an online business.


              4. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine? 

              What makes me get up in the morning is my dog Cleo. Literally! That is my alarm clock and a quick 10-15 minute walk is always on the agenda. I’m very big on morning and evening routines. I get the blood flowing during my walk then I come home and meditate, eat breakfast and journal for about 10-15 minutes. I always sketch out what my day is going to look like the night before. This really helps me stay on track with projects, interviews and deadlines. Anyone who wants to work from home needs to have a routine that works for them especially because the middle parts of our day can be very spontaneous.

              5. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

              The best advice I have ever been given was “messy action is better than inaction.” I had a mentor tell me this when I was about 18 years old but it never really resonated with me until I started to build my business. It’s very easy to get caught up in trying to make everything perfect before you launch it or try to have the perfect outline or plan for something but experience has taught me that nothing really goes according to plan. So I’m much more relaxed when it comes to trying new things in my business because everything is, as Marie Forleo says, ‘figureoutable!’

              6.What is a book you would say everyone must read? 

              I am a huge bookworm! I read about 3 books a month so this is a tough one for me! This year, a few books that have really stood out to me are: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes. I also love anything written by Malcom Gladewell or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

              7. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up? 

              I have two courses that are open all year round. One is called MindfulnessU Stress Mastermind and it’s all about using the mindfulness practice to redefine your relationship with stress. If you’re not familiar with Mindfulness, I have a ton of free resources on my blog and I also go over it in the beginning of the course to catch everyone up to speed. I also have the 21-Day Mindset Shift course, which I share, tested and proven practices that are designed to shift and grow your mindset in 21 Days. If you’re new to mindset work – this is a great place to start!

              A Morning Routine

              8. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly? 

              1 thing I do to shift my mindset instantly is – take a walk. I really undervalued the power of a quick 20-minute walk when I first started my mindset journey! Whenever I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious – a walk behind these trails that I have behind my apartment are where you can find me! But beyond that – I think that shifting your mindset is gradual. I know it’s easy to look for MAJOR shifts or changes in our lives but sometimes it’s the little things that you do consistently everyday that add up to a making a big difference. Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that before we do anything else – I will have them start drinking a gallon of water every day. They think I’m crazy but this accomplishes 2 things; 1. It’s a health thing, you’re flushing out toxins, hydrating, and helping your liver detox and just all of the wonderful things that water does for our body and 2. It’s about them proving to themselves that they can actually DO something and be consistent with it. So many women come to me and say that they can never be consistent or stick with something and this tiny shift of drinking a gallon of water everyday gets them in that headspace of ‘I CAN do this.’

              9. What do you love most about helping others?

              The thing I love most about helping women is seeing them breakthrough limiting beliefs. It’s the power of human will at its finest hour. When someone comes to me and they tell me is ‘Oh, I could NEVER have a successful business’ or ‘that’s just impossible for me!’ or even ‘there is no way that could work!’ And then they do the thing that they said they could never do …that sparkle in their eye, the power in their voice and the energy they give off – that is the most rewarding part of what I do.

              10. Your favourite quote?

              My favorite quote by Theodore Roosevelt: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

              My modern-day interpretation of this quote is to forget the haters and critics (this is especially important as an online entrepreneur!) Be brave. It’s better to try something and fail at it than not try at all.

              Photo on 2011-12-09 at 11.07

              Thank you so much Bree for sharing with us, some great stuff here. If you would like to see more of Bree then you can at FacebookInstagramPinterestWebsite, or her Podcast.

              If you would like to be featured as a Women Of Wisdom then you can APPLY HERE, please note there is a charge from 1st September for the feature which is £30/$39 US Dollars and 50% goes to charity! My Charity for September is The Faye Knowles Chapman Foundation you can read more about them at their Website.

              Have a wonderful day.

              Michele x 






              Faye Knowles Chapman

              Today’s Women Of Wisdom is a little different, the women today is no longer with us on earth. The woman is Faye, she lost her life at the age of 27 to cervical cancer. The more I learn about this beautiful women the more my heart breaks. It has however driven me to earn as much as I can for this cause. Faye deserves to be a women of wisdom!

              I wanted to share with you Faye’s best friends words:


              My beautiful & brave best friend! Faye’s story in my words…..

              So my life long best friend, was 24 years old had symptoms and was point-blank refused a smear because she was under 25!! After months and months of endless trips to the doctors Faye had a smear. Never forget that phone call i had been back from my hols a day and she rung me up, I immediately asked her if she had got to the bottom of her health issues…… nothing could ever prepare me for what she was about to tell me. “Cheryl I need you to sit down, I’ve had my tests back and I’ve got cervical cancer” my heart broke I wept buckets! “Its ok I’m booked in for an operation, They can remove it”. So September 2010 Faye had her op and a few weeks later was clear!!! I would have done cartwheels if I could actually do them!!!

              24th October 2011 it was a Monday Faye had some tests done due to growth she had found her results was due today. Two days previous to this I found out I was pregnant with my first. Faye phoned me at work, “Cheryl its back, they can’t help me” I remember I could feel her ache in my own heart like she was my twin. “Faye please fight do all you can because I’m going to be making you an auntie next year!” Faye’s screams your pregnant!!!! I promise I will hold your baby!!


              Well Faye held my baby, she walked down the aisle with me as my maid of honour October 2012. But Faye’s health deteriorated and was hospitalised in Feb 2013, we held a sponsored walk to raise money for private treatment, Faye managed to get out of hospital to meet us all at the end of the walk we raised over 3k for treatment. But sadly before we could book treatment Faye’s health took a turn for the worse and she was admitted to a hospice. Faye lost her battle with Cervical Cancer 30th March 2013 aged 27. Faye was an only child and had no children of her own. In her memory The Faye Knowles Chapman Foundation was born. Raising awareness of Cervical Cancer and Screening and educating young ladies on the importance of screening and about HPV.

              Dance in paradise xxxxx

              40952067_535394960206593_4610411224889294848_n (1)

              You can learn more about the foundation at their Website

              Faye and Cheryl-Jane on Cheryl-Jane’s wedding day.

              As you know I have made it my personal mission to raise money this month for the charity, I have given myself a target of £450 but since learning that this amount will only pay for 2 girls under the NHS testing age to get a private test done which cost between £200 and £250 depending on clinics I am hoping to exceed my goal amount and I need your help to do this.

              So if you would like to be featured as a Women Of Wisdom or know someone who would like to be featured then they can APPLY HERE there is a small fee of £30/ $39 US DOLLARS to be featured and 50% of this fee is going to The Fay Knowles Chapman Foundation. I would love your help to share this post, tag your friends, do whatever you can so we can raise awareness and help some girls out.

              If Faye had been tested sooner who knows what would have happened but I bet I would not be writing this post. I would probably be interviewing her in person as she seems the kind of person from what I have been told could have and would have done amazing things. Faye still is in memory and her legacy lives on in the hearts of all that knew her and her story will save so many young girls and women.


              I thank you once again for all your support, I really do appreciate it, I know that the foundation appreciate it, Faye’s best friend and mother do too.

              Have a wonderful day.

              Michele x

              Becky Mollenkamp

              1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?

              I’m Becky Mollenkamp, a business coach for women business owners. I live in St. Louis, Mo.

              2.What is your business about? 

              I help women business owners level up by tackling their limiting beliefs. I offer courses, a membership community, and online coaching.

              3.What made you get into this line of business? 

              After having my son, I knew I wanted to do something more meaningful. I had grown a very successful six-figure freelance writing business, so I put that experience to use by helping other women grow their businesses.

              4.What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine? 

              I have a 2-year-old son, so my mornings are all about him. We get up, get breakfast, watch a little TV and snuggle, then I head out to work while he stays home with my mom. What keeps me going every day is him and wanting to give him the very best life possible.

              5.What is the best advice you have ever been given? 

              Instead of asking, “what the WORST that can happen,” ask instead “what’s the BEST that can happen?” It’s such a simple, small shift that really helps me push past my fears and take action.

              6.What is a book you would say everyone must read?

              The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks is an essential book for anyone who is ready to really start digging into mindset issues.

              7.Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up? 

              I’m so excited about my new *free* video course, Crush Your Goals. It walks you through how to set and prioritize goals so you can focus on what matters most and stop chasing shiny objects. Available Here!

              8.What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly? 

              Breathe. It may sound too simple, but there’s tones of research behind the idea that deep breathing can instantly change your thoughts and feelings.

              9.What do you love most about helping others? 

              There’s nothing I love more than when my clients have a lightbulb moment. When they suddenly see themselves or their work in a new way, when something ‘clicks’ and they are newly renewed and excited about making things happen. That’s why I created my podcast, Lightbulb Moment, to share those kinds of stories. Podcast

              10.Your favourite quote?

              “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Ghandi

              Thank you so much Becky for sharing your story and business with us if you would like to see more of Becky then please go to WebsiteLinkedinFacebook Group, InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest

              If you would like to be featured as a Women Of Wisdom you can Apply Here, please note that there is a charge to be featured from 1st September 2018 which is £30/$39 and 50% goes to charity. My Charity for September 2018 is The Faye Knowles Chapman Foundation you can read more about them at their Website

              Have a fabulous day.

              Michele x