Denise Martinez Rossini

  1. Please Introduce yourself, what is your name, business name, where you are from?

Hi I’m Denise Martinez Rossini. I’m an intuitional numerologist & Spiritual business empowerment mentor.

I’m from the United Kingdom and currently live in Manchester although I spend a lot of time in France too.

My business is Spiritual Queens Rising.

  1. What is your business about?

My business is all about empowering women on their journey through spirituality to abundance. I read clients life charts to help them see their true gifts, skills and traits.

I have a monthly membership academy where I share knowledge and insights into subjects such as Crystals, Numerology, Angels, Moonology, Manifesting, Self love and more.

I also help develop people’s passions and inspired ideas into creating a business from them.

  1. What made you get into this line of business?

It started by my ‘coming out of the spiritual closet’ and sharing my gifts. The response was instant and incredible with so many women getting in touch with me to share their own story and requesting readings.

I set up my online business in June 2017 and it’s just incredible how it has grown and developed into a community of nearly three thousand women. I now have clients worldwide and many successful entrepreneurs rising from my group. This fills my heart with joy!

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  1. What makes you get up and go in the morning, do you have a morning power routine?

I wouldn’t say I have a power routine. What gets me up in the morning is a sense of excitement for what each day brings us.

I like to do my gratitudes first to set the vibe for the day.

My bedroom is all white which I find so calming and peaceful so I never feel rushed in the morning.

I like to connect with my crystals before I start working too.

I  enjoy doing my daily numerology reading each morning too which I post in my group.

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  1. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Live life to the full as it’s not a dress rehersal!


  1. What is a book you would say everyone must read?

Oh my word that’s so difficult as there are so many good books to read! Currently I’d say ‘Raise your vibration’ by Kyle Gray.

  1. Does your business have any offers on at present or coming up?

Yes I have just launched my Spiritual Queens Academy which at £25 per month. The academy has a 7 day course and 2 day workshop each month on all the subjects I cover plus members receive free access to My Angel Club and Moon Circle group.

Also new members to my free Spiritual Queens Rising group can have a full Numerology chart for a special offer of £11.

  1. What one thing do you do to change your mindset instantly?

That’s easy! Go to my heart home in my mind, which is Nice in the south of France. I only have to imagine myself there and it instantly lifts me up. I’m very high vibe anyway and life excites me day to day!

  1. What do you love most about helping others?

I absolutely love seeing women realising their own true strengths, the light they have inside them to shine and to see them succeed is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have.

  1. Your favourite quote?

That would be my own quote!  ‘Let your light shine and live in love, joy and abundance!’


My facebook group is ‘Spiritual Queens Rising!’

You can find my page @denisemartinezrossini

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Have a wonderful day x